Cosmef WM

COSMEF WM today is a solid company that offers a complete maintenance service for all vehicles rail and urban, we can operate on various sites.

Our workshops are located in Tortona (headquarters) and Milan (Intermodal Terminal).

In our production sites, we can carry out all kinds of maintenance, redesign, modernization and construction of all types of railway carriages and wagons with the use of specific facilities and modern equipment.

Furthermore, our company owns vans with specific portable equipment adequate and trained personnel for maintenance Mobile in each location of the Italian railway network.


In addition to normal maintenance activities on rolling stock, we are also in a position to offer the following services:

  • Revision wheelset (VPI liv. IS1-IS2)
  • Revision pneumatic components of the brake Knorr-Faiveley-Dako
  • Controls CND ultrasound, magnetic particle and eddy current rail axle
  • Brake tests on each type of rail vehicle with computerized equipment
  • Review and periodic inspections of tanks and equipment for tank cars
  • Interventions of structural repairs by welding according to UNI EN 15085